“We’re pleased to report that she’s made her presence in the pop worldknown via the medium of an absolute banger. With ‘Come Back For Your Love’, she’s momentarily side-stepped the pop princess route, and givenus a straight-up dance track..” - Scandipop.com

The Journey...

After graduating from LIPA + Kristiania University College with a BA(hons) in Songwriting & Performance (2020) LINN KRISTIN has released 5 songs independently. Just For Tonight & Come Back For Your love found it's way to Spotify's editorial playlist New Music Friday Norway in 2022.

Her songs has been played both nationally on Norwegian radio such as P3, Radio 102, Radio Vest & Sørlandsradioen, & Internationally on BBC Merseyside UK + Joy949 in Australia.

In 2019 she starred on All Together Now Norway and in 2021 she got to showcase her talent in The Voice Norway where she got phenomenal feedback for her performances on stage. 

 "... The playfulness and sassiness you deliver, is you - and I love it. I get goosebumps from the first to the last second. The empathy, the performance and the dynamics you had in the song makes me want to work with you so much. ” - Matoma.


LINN KRISTIN grew up on the west coast of Norway. Being an adoptive child, she struggled with finding her "place in the world" . Some of her first songs written at the age of 13 was questions and statements like " somewhere somebody knows who I am" + "where to find answers?" 

This and the fact that she didn't feel comfortable speaking about her feelings sparked a passion for writing songs, singing and expressing her feelings through music, everything she couldn't face talking about with anyone. 

From being a part of LIDO's dad's gospel choir Voice Of Joy and singing backing vocals for LIDO on Norwegian television just set the artist dream more alive. With a Bachelors degree in Songwriting & Performance from The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts & Kristiania University College LINN KRISTIN has really had room for experimenting with her musical sound troughout the years.

Since 2018 she has actively participated on songwriting camps with purpose of writing for the Norwegian Eurovision. 

She has worked with incredible artists and writers such as Ben Adams, Ina Wroldsen, Matoma, IMERIKA, Ivie, Deep Chills, Elsie Bay, Alexander Rybak, Gaute Ormåsen & so on. 

In March 2020 she released her debut single Someone Sometimes written with Bård Mathias Bonsaksen.  It was aired and recommended by Radio P3 Urørt, BBC Merseyside, Radio 102 & she followed up the song with a music video that premiered at her releaseconcert for the debut. 

Come April 2020 and she featured on the Norwegian Song "Alt Av Deg" collaborating with Chris Baco. 

In 2021 LINN KRISTIN got the opportunitity to work with both Ina Wroldsen & Matoma during her time on The Voice Norway. She released two more songs: Come Back For Your Love & Home & celebrated with a releaseconcert in Oslo. 

The past year (2022) she has been writing a lot, performing, figuring out her sound and released more dancy up tempo songs such as Just For Tonight & Come Back For Your Love Collecta Remix. 

Come back for your love Collecta Remix is not far from the direction the artist is heading when going into 2023. 

Let's Dance!

“Home carries a profoundness rarely heard on the radio. Combined with the fact that LINN KRISTIN carries just as much poise and panache as Winehouse; we can’t help but get excited about what is in store for this empathetically stunning artist.” - A&RFactory.Com